Odysee Embed Code Generator

Free tool for adding Odysee video responsive iframe to your website.

Customization options

  • Odysee URL
  • Size settings
  • Responsive
  • Aspect ratio
    Web [16:9]
  • Width (in px)
  • Height (in px)
  • Other settings
  • Start video
  • Autoplay video
  • Light background

Odysee embed code

How to embed a Odysee video using this tool?

Screenshot of url input

Paste a Odysee video link

Paste some Odysee video link in url field on the top of the left column.

Screenshot of customization options

Set custom Odysee player options

Odysee player supports many customization options like autoplay, start time, responsivity and many more!

Screenshot of copy button

Copy generated HTML code

Copy generated HTML embed code with Odysee video! Use it on your WordPress website, PowerPoint presentation or in email.

Supported Odysee embed generator options

Explanation of all supported Odysee embedding options. Use below options to improve Odysee HTML iframe code embedded on your website.


The "responsive" option strech a Odysee embedded video to a full width of a website or a HTML container.

aspect ratio

The "aspect ratio" option always keeps the shape of the embedded Odysee player.

width and height

Appears only when the responsive option is off. Manual customization of width and height of embedded Odysee player. When the aspect ratio option is set the height will automatically recalculate based on the width.

start time

The "start time" option starts Odysee embedded video from a certain time

autoplay video

The "autoplay video" option specifies whether the Odysee embedded video will automatically start to play when the Odysee player loads.

Supported Odysee URLs

  • https://odysee.com/@<user-id>/<video-id>

  • https://odysee.com/$/embed/<permament-id>